Limo Hire in Kent..

If you are looking for a day in the country to escape work, the kids or your hotel, hire a limo and take a relaxing ride through the beautiful scenery of Kent.

Kent has much to offer the couple escaping the city for the day or for the group of girls spending the weekend in one of the many bed and breakfasts to celebrate a hen’s weekend.

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With its country village charm and beachside walks, a day, a weekend or a couple of hours in Kent is the prefect way to spoil yourself; especially if you make the journey in your own personal limousine. Limo Broker has access to the limos of limo hire companies across the country and can find you the prefect limo for your escape at a price to make you really relax.

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And how could you not relax when taking a ride on the Kingswear Castle paddle steamer in Chatham. This authentic paddle steamer embodies Britain’s powerful maritime history. The steamer is available for morning, afternoon, evening and full day trips and is equipped with a fully stocked saloon where you can grab a snack and a drink to help wile away the lazy hours on the water.

From the paddle steamer you will be able to watch the steam-engine turning paddles and take in the scenery as you sail down the tranquil Medway.

Or for a more adventurous way to spend your day in the country, why not explore Dover Castle with its secret wartime tunnels. Perched on the famous White Cliffs, Dover Castle has an inner bailey, curtain walls and earthworks and underground works which were created from the Medieval to Victorian times. There is also a Roman Pharos and Saxon church of St Mary-in-Castro within the castle walls. The secret tunnels provide a unique tour of the cliffs and were the headquarters of Vice-Admiral Ramsay.

Then, when you have had your fill of country air and exploring our history, Limo Broker will be able to send you a limo to take you home, with a chauffeur ready to pack in all your new souvenirs.