Rolls Royce Phantom hire - Ghost - Wraith and more

If you are looking to hire a Rolls Royce Phantom, you are in the perfect place. Limo Broker offers the very best deals on the new RR Phantom as well as providing access to the older, more classic models. We have one of the largest fleets of Rolls Royce Phantom's and Bentley Arnage' in our wedding cars range, proudly providing a hire service throughout the UK.

Whether you are getting married or going to the Royal Ascot races, we can organise the perfect vehicle for all parties and events, no matter what type of day you wish to experience.

We have a great and varied selection of Rolls Royce Phantoms. You can choose from silver, blue, red and many more. If you are looking for a black Rolls Royce Phantom, this is a very rare car. There are only 25 built in black so the chances of getting hold of this limited edition models is very rare. However, Limo Broker boasts its ability to make your Phantom hire dreams come true.

The Rolls Royce is often used as the base for modern stretch limos. Not only are they sleek and stylish but very reliable. It has been said that over 60% of all Rolls Royce vehicles built are still roadworthy today. The oldest known to still be in action is a 1904 Rolls Royce living in Scotland.

The Rolls Royce is built solely for luxury and this is catered to in every way possible. It is the minor details and intricacies that make them such glorious cars. The hood ornament depicting a flying lady is known as 'The Spirit of Ecstasy’, which is the feeling you receive when riding in a Rolls. The trademark tall grill and luxurious interior finish makes sure that you make a statement when you arrive at your destination.

Rolls Royce cars hark back to 1900, when an Englishman Henry Royce began work for a company, manufacturing machines and electronic devices such as doorbells and cranes. At this time, cars were generally noisy and unreliable so Royce, with his knowledge of machinery, set out make some improvements.

In 1903, Royce had developed an alternative to the crude cars on the market and news reached Charles Rolls, an English adventurer who was frustrated with the best racing cars of his time being French. Rolls met with Royce, drove the new car and agreed to sell every car he could build and in December 1904, Rolls Royce was created.

A string of luxury cars followed and established Rolls Royce as makers of pure quality. As all of the cars were hand built, the emphasis was on quality not quantity. Many  manufactured after the war are the very vehicle you will often be able to hire out for weddings and special functions. 

All cars are still made in England with handcrafted wood and top of the range leather interiors. They take around 260 hours to build, compared to 30 hours for an average car.

The new Phantom is a return to the luxurious and flamboyant style of the early models. The passenger and chauffeur seat in the Phantom III are raised to ensure commanding views are available. While the Phantom is a large car, new vehicle technology allows for light, responsive steering, adding an element of modernity to a classic car.

The long wheelbase allows the car to absorb any undulations in the road while passengers are able to relax in the rear area of the car, known as the 'lounge'. The lounge has high ceilings and flat floors to allow for ease of entry and exit as well as wide running boards on the outside.

While Rolls Royce has maintained their reputation for stylish luxury cars, the new Phantom series has all of the modern accessories you would expect from a limousine while maintaining its traditional sophistication.

All of the features of this car results in its ever increasing hire demand. We at Limo Broker are of just a few who have access to such prestigious vehicles and can assist you with this very particular car hire request.