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Why Check Inside the Limo...

So what are the right answers and why do you need to know them?

Inside the Limo

How many seats are there?
Regardless of the number of seats in a limo, UK laws say that a maximum of eight passengers only can be transported in a limo unless it has a specialised licence similar to that of a bus. So even if there are 20 seats you probably can't fill a limo of that size.

How many people can fit comfortably if all seats are filled?
Sometimes a limo will have eight individual seats but it is not until all eight passengers are seated that you realise that a full to capacity limo is not very comfortable so always check if your limo is a true eight seater and if not, simply hire a larger one.

Does the limo have the accessories you wanted?
You may think that there are some limo accessories which are standard in all limos, but unfortunately you can't take anything for granted. So to avoid looking forward to a limo ride watching TV to find the limo you have booked doesn't have a TV, check out the list of accessories first.

Do you need the accessories the limo has?
You also don't want to be stuck paying for accessories you won't use so if you are hiring a limo for a big night out, you probably don't need Bluetooth or wireless broadband access so don't pay for it.

Do you have access to the bar?
There is nothing as luxurious and indulgent as riding in a chauffeur driven limo, sipping a G&T but you may find the limo bar is not stocked, is just for show, or the drinks are charged on top of the hire at extra prices.

Is the bar stocked with your preferred drinks?
You also won't be able to enjoy the limo bar if it is not stocked with the drinks you want for your limo ride.

Does the interior match the exterior and in turn, your event?
Sometimes you will be surprised by the leopard print interior or the candy red seats inside a perfectly innocent looking white limousine so check inside to ensure you don't get a headache from the interior colour choices.

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