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Why Check the Limo Hire Company

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Why Check the Limo Hire Company...

So what are the right answers and why do you need to know them?

The Limo Hire Company

Are they fully licensed?
Without proper licensing the limo hire company may not be adhering to all of the safety and quality guidelines which are specified by the industry bodies. Therefore you could not only be using a limo hire company which doesn't think it needs to follow the rules, but also one which is cutting down on their quality and your safety.

Are they fully insured?
There can be a lot of problems if you find that your limo hire company is not insured and unfortunately you probably won't find out until it too late. If there is an accident you may be out of pocket for the cost of medical care and any compensation you are entitled to, plus, the fate of any belonging you leave in the limousine during the course of the hire or by accident is not guaranteed and their value not insured either.

Are they fully qualified?
A qualified limo hire company will be dedicated to the industry and will do everything they can to make sure their limousines, their chauffeurs and their staff meet the top most service, quality and safety guidelines. As such their staff will regularly complete training and refresher courses to give you the best possible service.

Are they helpful or do they make you wait for questions to be answered or calls to be returned?
The way your initial enquires are treated is a good indicator of how the limo hire company runs their business so if you are check waiting for a reply on your quote, you are likely to be kept waiting for your limo too.

Do they have physical premises?
Make sure you visit the physical office of the limo hire company you are booking with to ensure they are run from your local area, are above board, have a registered business name and address, and most importantly, are here to stay.

Is their office professional and clean?
Again, the way the limo hire company looks after their business is a good indicator of how they will look after you so if their office is outdated, old, dirty, dusty or untidy, you can expect their limousines, chauffeurs and staff to be in a similar state.

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The way you are treated by the limo hire company will tell you a lot about the type of service you can expect on your special day or event

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