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Wedding Planning - Attending a Wedding Fair

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Tips for Attending Wedding Fairs

Wedding fairs are a great way to start planning your big day, with lots of choice and new, unique ideas, they can be an immense inspiration.

However,for the majority of bride-to-be, their first experience of these big events tend to be daunting with the overwhelming choice of stalls,catwalks, the works and exhibiters constantly trying to sell. It can become a confusing time, throwing a spanner in the works.

Well have no fear, we've got the best tips to guarantee you stay calm and enjoy your first wedding fair.

First off, do your research

Trawl the Internet to find out what exhibiters are going to be there, especially to check if suppliers you have shown interest in are going so you can prepare some questions to ask. Also work out a rough budget for each feature of your day to ensure you don't overspend.

Sign up for any giveaways

As soon as you step foot through that door there will be lots of goodie bags and signup sheets handed your way. Be sure to give your details for all of these. Although it can be irritating in the future as you will receive spam emails now and again, you could be within a chance of winning a dream wedding for free!

Take helpful family members

Never attend a wedding fair by yourself, with important decisions being made you will need a second opinion. If the idea of visiting a wedding fair is your partner's worst nightmare (like most grooms!) then take a helpful friend or family member instead, preferably someone with previous wedding planning experience so they can offer their tested advice.

Don't have a melt down!

The best advice is to walk in with an open mind. Wedding fairs can be grand events with so many stalls you don't know where to look next. Sure, you may have decided on the main features you are going to include but with the variety of suppliers, you are sure to set your eyes upon something you had never considered having until now. This can cause you to become confused in what you want, so keeping an open mind will make it easier for you in the long run.

Don't sign up for something then and there

Unless you have your heart deeply set on something, do not sign up for anything just yet. You may find a supplier offering exactly what you are looking for but you find yourself thinking 'hang on, that is a bit pricey.' Exhibiters know they are going to be serving a lot of wedding newbies so some prices can be extortionate.Instead, take their details and compare prices against others online to ensure you are getting the best price. Plus, it is best to discuss things with your fiancée before setting anything in stone.

Ask about Discounts

Ok,so there are some exclusions for the tip given above.

Some vendors offer exclusive one-day only discounts for clients who book on the day of the fair. So if a supplier you have had your eye on for a while is in attendance then be sure to strike up a conversation with them and ask if they are offering any discounts. You may just nab yourself a bargain.

Take leaflets or business cards from each stall

As you know there can be row after row of stalls at a fair, meaning you are likely to quickly forget all the previous stalls you looked at. Take a leaflet from each stall you go to, even if it's something you are not necessarily interested in, it is surprising how you can change your mind over time. Then at a later date take a moment to kick off your heels and go through the piles of leaflets you have collected. Don't be afraid to conduct some research to find out if you are better off going with a supplier you found online.

Take a diary

Although it is advised not to make rash decisions and book suppliers immediately, if you are extremely interested, a good idea is to book appointments with them to further discuss your ideas and discover what else they have to offer in the pride of their store/office. You can also make use of the diary/notebook by jotting down any important notes or offers a supplier has made to ensure you don't forget that instant you walk away.

Most importantly...Have Fun!

Like all brides you're sure to have stressful moments when planning your wedding,but don't let this be one of them. Wedding Fairs can be exciting, it's a unique way to discover new opportunities and a step in the right direction towards organising your dream wedding. Have fun with it and enjoy meeting experts in the business who are bound to offer you valuable advice.

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