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Anyone in business will know that you pay for letting your customers enjoy the convenience of paying you with credit card, when the banks and company providing you with the credit card machine take their percentage. And the percentage grows and grows and while some limo hire companies pass on a surcharge to their customers to pay by credit card, a continually rising surcharge is a major turn off.

When booking limousine hire it is easy to pay the deposit and even the final balance with credit card as you can do so over the phone, and sometimes even over the internet if you are dealing with a particularly technology savvy limo hire company. Passengers also like being able to pay via credit card as not everyone has a cheque book to allow them to safely mail in a cheque for the hire amount.

Also, people don't want to carry around the cash to pay for their limo hire, even if they are just going into the limo hire company office, it makes many people uncomfortable to carry that much cash in the age of plastic. And this is the other issue with paying by cash, the passengers have to physically go in to pay for their hire, so with all of these barriers and the convenience of their credit card sitting there, why not just put it on the plastic.

Unfortunately in some areas, the major credit card payment providers state that business operators are not allowed to charge their customers more for paying with their credit card, so many limo hire companies are faced with charging their customers more across the board, even those who pay with cash or cheque, to make up for the extra costs incurred by those who pay with credit.

This is another reason why many limo hire companies will calculate each quote individually instead of having set hire prices listed. It allows them to include any other charges they may have to incur during your hire and make sure they don't make a loss. Other limo hire companies will simply shop around the credit card processing providers for the best deal, rather than sneakily charging you for their credit card fees.

For more information about the fees and charges you should expect to pay from your limo hire company, contact Limo Broker now.

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