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Limos look to be big and bulky and while they may look fantastic and stylish, they probably don't have a lot of grunt right? Wrong! There are plenty of luxury cars out there which have style and speed to get you where you need to go with power.

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The Jaguar V12 XJ40 is one of these unique cars. There were only a total of 2,814 of the Jags built making them a rare find today. The XJ40s have a top of the range luxury trim as well as an engine which has evolved from a 5,345cc capacity when the model was first introduced in 1971 to being fuel injected in 1975, and in 1981 the fuel economy was enhanced. In 1993 it grew to 5,993cc, producing 234 kw at 5400 rpm and a top speed of 250km/h making it worthy of being one of the few fast limos.

However, despite their speed and power, the famous Jaguar luxury, safety and style is not compromised or diminished. The Jaguar V12 maintains a smooth and quiet ride while being a sports car that was ahead of its time and right at home now.

Now, while 250km/h might sound pretty quick for a limousine, there is still the Fulda Maybach Exelero to get your adrenalin pumping.

Designed from the collaboration of Stefan Barth, Fredrik Burchhardt, Hellmann and Seebers, the car had a two colour paint job, a tail based on the stern of a boat and fins on the hood which extend to the line of the roof. The design of the Fulda Maybach reflected many influences such as a likening to the split window in the Corvettes and the build of a catamaran.

The design also included a red and black body which drew attention to the radiator grille. The new coup was developed on the basis of an existing limousine and began to take shape in May 2004. Since reaching top speeds was the first intention of the creation of the vehicle, engineers where challenged to create a vehicle which was exceptionally fast for a limousine, but still ran on ordinary tyres.

The specialists in the Mercedes Car Group optimised the turbo charger and increased the engine to 5.9 litres. The subsequent 700 hp engine output was evident when the car was tested for its top speed in 2005 at Motodrom in Nardo, Southern Italy and reached 351.45km/h, breaking the world record for the fastest limousine.

Looking for the fastest limo in the world? Check out the Ferrari limo.

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Luxury Car Hire UK. There are plenty of luxury cars out there which have style and speed to get you where you need to go with power.

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