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Chauffeur Driven Limousine Hire

We at Limo Broker think that the difference between being a good chauffeur and being an exceptional chauffeur has a lot do with planning. Of course, we expect all of our chauffeurs to be prepared for any situation whether it be according to the weather, mechanical or passenger related, providing our passengers with safety and a sense of security.

In order to do this efficiently, there are a lot of things that a chauffeur must remember before they begin their journey in one of our limos. Firstly, they must ensure that they have a full tank of petrol/diesel before leaving to pick up any passengers, taking the opportunity to fill their tank before and in between passengers being on board.

Secondly, every chauffeur should be personally prepared in order to avoid giving their passengers a bad impression whilst travelling. They should be immaculate, polite, and offer the very best customer service possible.

Of course, a chauffeur should make sure that they leave enough time between their food, smoke and toilet break before having to pick up any passengers. Then they should remain immaculate by checking their teeth for food and that they don’t smell after a cigarette. In no circumstances should a chauffeur be seen eating or smoking whilst transporting passengers in their limousine.

Beforehand it is advised that chauffeurs check their destinations and routes. This means knowing their pick-up/drop-off points so that they don’t find themselves lost because they weren’t prepared.

Here at Limo Broker we take pride in our services and are satisfied that each of our chauffeurs tick the above boxes for absolutely every journey. We have a fleet of limousines available to hire, with every single one being chauffeur driven for its passengers. To book a limousine for an upcoming occasion you simply need to pick up the phone to have a free no obligation quote.

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