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Cheese Wedding Cakes

If you want to wow with your wedding cake then why not think about having a cheese wedding cake?

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Cheese Wedding Cakes

weddings are all about cheesiness, with cheesy photographs and embarrassingly cute speeches making everybody feel uncomfortable yet all gooey inside. In recent years cheese wedding cakes have become very popular, with traditional fruitcakes just not cutting it!

With your soppy aunty who is herself a bit of a fruitcake offering her fair share of cheesy comments and declarations of love the modern wedding sees cheese as an integral part of the wedding celebrations.

The cake has always been a central focus of the reception; a key signifier that has caught the attention of guests and waiting staff alike! With the cake-cutting part of the wedding encouraging stunning pictures, capturing the rooms attention, does the cheese wedding cake still have this same effect? I here you ask.

Novelty cheese wedding cakes are not really seen as so out-of-the-ordinary as they once did, with an extravagant cheese board making the wedding seem more sophisticated and cultured. With everybody enjoying a nice bit of cheese the wedding cake does not go unfinished, with the whole congregation tucking into their favourites with a nice cracker of a piece of bread.

Where wedding cakes are traditionally enormous it can get very boring having a slice of the same cake constantly, trying to make sure you do not waste what was such an expensive purchase. With cheese wedding cakes each tear is different, allowing happy couples to build their own tower of their preferred cheese types, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

If you are interested in testing the barriers of wedding cake design then a cheese cake can be just what you need to set your wedding aside from the rest, seeing that your guests remember the big day for all those intricate and original details put into the overall wedding.

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    If you want to wow with your wedding cake then why not think about having a cheese wedding cake?

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