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Llandudno Restaurant Limo Hire

Regardless of the rotation system you negotiate with your kids or the bribery you use to cut down the guest list, sooner or later you are going to have to host a children's party for your kid's birthday celebrations. Well don't fret because there are no children's party rules which say you have to host the party at your house, instead, you can choose one of the family friendly restaurants around Llandudno as the site for the ensuing chaos.

For example, The Beach Restaurant is a traditional family restaurant in Penrhyn Bay and with its friendly atmosphere, it is well equipped to handle the requests, the tastes and the appetites of your child and their birthday party guests. Of course a trip to a restaurant and a subsequent meal is not always enough to constitute a good day out for kids the same way it does for adults. Therefore, add a little more excitement and interest to the celebrations by hiring a few children's party limousines to pick up all of your guests from around Llandudno.

Depending on the size of the party and how spread around Llandudno your child's friends live, you may choose to hire one large party bus limousine - which can seat anywhere up to 30 passengers - or several smaller limousines which you can send out to the homes of your party guests, and have them chauffeured together, back to The Beach Restaurant for the party.

Your little limo passengers will be so impressed with the service from the chauffeur - who would have ever opened the door for these children, or treated them like any other adult? - and the sight of their stretch limousine ride that you won't have to worry about jealously over presents or whose meal had more fries with it. Your party guests will also be contained within the limousine during the ride and the chauffeur will be sure to keep an eye on their behaviour if you don't have enough adults to chaperone every limousine.

Then, once your party guests have had their fill of their meals, handed over their presents and assessed the contents of their party bags, your children's party limousine convoy will be waiting outside the restaurant to take the tired but satisfied guests back through Llandudno and home again.

For more information about hiring a limousine, or several limousines, in Llandudno for your child's birthday party celebrations, contact Limo Broker now.

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Add a little more excitement and interest to birthday celebrations by hiring a few childrens party limousines to pick up all of your guests from around Llandudno

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