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Chrysler Baby Bentley LimoWhen you hear the dreaded ‘T' word you probably go into a panic, knowing that your insurance probably doesn't cover the extermination and that your house is going to look like a circus tent for the next new months. However, if you do find you have to move out of your house for a while because it is being sprayed for termites, take the opportunity to get away and have a holiday with your family and come back to a pest free house.

Pink limoIf you do have to pay for the extermination of the termites in your home, you are probably looking for an affordable holiday option, so why not holiday at home in the UK and head across to Colchester for a beach side get away.

Travelling from your home in Luton to the holiday hotel in Colchester is not a long trip, but after the stress of finding little white invaders in your home, and packing for the holiday, you will probably welcome a ride in a limousine from Luton to Colchester to start your relaxing break.

Range Rover Sport LimousineBecause your home is being sprayed and you have to be gone for quite a while, you are probably taking a lot of your things and so hiring a limousine from Luton to Colchester is the perfect way to ensure everything arrives in one piece, including your sanity. Any family car trip can be testing for your nerves, but riding to Colchester in a limousine will give the kids plenty of space and plenty of things to do they won't be in each other's way and they won't care when they get there.

While you relax in Colchester and call on your limousine when you want to head a little further afield, your home in Luton is being prepared for your return. When it is time to head back to your termite free house your limousine will be ready and your chauffeur will help load everything back in the limo, plus any souvenirs you have bought too.

For more information about hiring a limousine for a holiday in East Anglia, contact Limo Broker now.

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If pest control has forced you out of your house make a luxury family holiday out of it by hiring a limousine from Luton to Colchester

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