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If you have to travel to Cornwall for business, you may as well make it a pleasurable experience, by booking into a serviced apartment, and hiring a limousine to get you around town. Booking into serviced apartments, as opposed to a hotel room, will ensure you are able to settle into the job at hand and be as productive as possible.

But not only do you want to impress your customers or managers with your stunning presentations or intelligent questions at meetings while you are in town, you also want to make sure you enjoy the experience of a business trip to Cornwall too. This can easily be achieved by making the trip as easy as possible by arriving in Cornwall by limousine and having your chauffeur be the one to scour street directories ahead of time to find your destination.

Penrose House has three luxurious self contained apartments in Cornwall perfect for your business trip accommodation. By choosing serviced apartments over a hotel room there are no concerns with the noise of other guests, check in or check out deadlines and the 800 square foot apartments have everything you could possibly need during your stay.

And to make up for there being no doorman to call you a taxi to get you to your next meeting or conference of the day, you have your own personal chauffeur and limousine to take you everywhere you need to go in Cornwall. Also, in having your own private limousine and chauffeur, you are in the position to invite important members of the Cornwall division of your office out for a drink after the meetings or conferences as well as offer them a safe and luxurious ride home afterwards.

For more information about hiring a limousine to get you to your serviced apartment in Cornwall for an important business stay, contact Limo Broker now.

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