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Mechanics tend to be renowned for keeping their customers waiting as there are parts to be ordered, fitted, painted - blah, blah, blah - and your customers are bound to get sick of waiting to get their car back, and on top of the waiting they still have your bill to pay, and find a way to get around while you are working on their car.

While the delays in fixing and servicing your customers cars are often unavoidable, you can make sure that your customers are looked after while they are waiting for you to return their car, and that they don't even notice how long it took you to finish the work.

You need to make sure that if you know you will be waiting an extra long time for a part, or you are overly busy and can't get your customer's car back to the right away, that you organise for a loan limo to transport them while their car is with you.

The loan limo will be able to pick them up from your workshop and stick with them for the entire time you are working on their car or waiting for the part. Your customers will be delighted and impressed with the service and quality of the loan limo, when most loan cars are as unreliable as car part distributers' time-lines.

Hiring a loan limo for your customers facing long waits on their cars allows you to offer a special unique service not offered by many other mechanics, so even though your customer has had to wait a while to get their car back from you, they will keep coming back to you for future services because of the extra service you offer with your loan limos.

Also, since you will be hiring loan limos for your customers regularly, and primarily during the day and during the week, you will be able to negotiate a great price for the hire which will make it just as affordable as a regular loan car, while also attracting and keeping more customers for your business.

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If you know it will take you a while to fix a customers car hire them a limo so they're not stranded and they'll keep coming back to you

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