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Going on holiday or a weekend away? Need to travel to the airport? Why not do it in style!! Is it better to travel to the airport by limo in comparison to a train, coach, car or minibus? Don't worry, if you don't have the answer to this question, we do!

As we all know the cost of traveling expenses has risen over the past several years. Fuel costs have doubled, and train fares seem to be on the rise consistently. Traveling by coach can sometimes be inconvenient especially if you are traveling with young children and the elderly. A minibus bus can be an ideal option, however, you have to keep in mind that there will be an additional cost for the driver.

So when organizing a trip abroad there is always a chance that we can end up paying a lot more than anticipated, especially if most major international flights are scheduled to leave from Heathrow Airport and you are leaving from Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Cardiff or Newcastle.

On average, the cost to travel by train for a family of five from Manchester is £460 return. Depending on which train station you depart from you would have to change and get a coach transfer. Please take into account that train ticket prices can vary depending on the time of the day you are travelling. For example, train tickets are more expensive on peak time. i.e mornings and weekdays.

Top 10 Busiest Airports in the UKThe below is a list of the 10 largest UK airports by total passenger traffic in 2018, from UK CAA statistics. Information source: Wikipedia

Total Passengers
2017 2018 Change
2017 / 18
1 London-Heathrow 78,012,825 80,124,537 2.70%
2 London-Gatwick 45,556,899 46,086,089 1.20%
3 Manchester 27,826,054 28,292,797 1.20%
4 London-Stansted 25,904,450 27,996,116 8.10%
5 London-Luton 15,990,276 16,769,634 4.90%
6 Edinburgh 13,410,343 14,294,305 6.60%
7 Birmingham 12,990,303 12,457,051 4.10%
8 Glasgow 9,897,959 9,656,227 2.40%
9 Bristol 8,239,250 8,699,529 5.60%
10 Belfast-International 5,836,735 6,268,960 7.40%

If you choose to travel by car from Manchester to Heathrow airport the average cost of petrol would be around £100 for a return. Then there would be a daily charge for parking cost which would cost an average of £140 for parking your vehicle for seven days. A total cost of roughly £240. You may also need to hire a trailer to carry your luggage. The trailer insurance is normally covered third party only. No matter what cover your car is. Even if your car insurance is fully comprehensive. Please confirm this with your insurer.

Traveling by coach for a family of five (2 adults 3 children aged between 3-15) would cost an average of £125. This does not include the cost of getting to the coach station.

Finally to hire a minibus for a week for a family of five would roughly cost an average of £350 plus the cost of parking at Heathrow airport would be roughly about £140 total cost amounting to £490.

The cost to hire an 8 seater limousine from Manchester to London Heathrow return is on average £550, which works out at £34.38 per person, each way. If you supply a flight number, the company will even check the arrival times, and there will not be any extra charges if the flight is delayed. Please bare in mind that this rule does not apply for all companies.

Although this price may seem steep, there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration. For example the limousine would collect you directly from your home. There is ample space for luggage and you won't need to worry about missing your train or coach if your flight is delayed or incurring additional parking costs. It is always worth your while viewing all your options as sometimes you may get a better deal from the most unlikely option.

We hope this information was useful. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our nationwide airport transfer limo service.

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