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Hire a Limo For The Six Nations 2016

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Six Nations 2016: Have You Booked Your Transport?

At Limo Broker we are huge rugby fans, avid followers of arguably the best sport in the world! Not only does a game of rugby enhance our patriotism and sportsmanship but it also offers us the most prolific sporting event of the year, the Six Nations! Bringing the Welsh, English, Scottish, Irish, French and Italian together in the name of sport the buzz of at a 6 Nations stadium is truly unparalleled.

The greatest tournament of all!

What is so great about this competition is its simple format. Each team plays every other team once, with home field advantage alternating with each year. Two points are awarded to the winners, one for a draw and none for a loss. Devoid of bonus points the competition encapsulates fairness and uniqueness, not sporting any unfair constructs that many international events so famously do.

If you are one of the lucky ones owning a ticket to a Six Nations then you will need to celebrate this joyous occasion in the appropriate style. The only way to match the excitement of a Six Nations event is by arranging travelling to and from the arena in an equally exciting vehicle.

Pick a vehicle for the Rugby!

At Limo Broker we can provide vehicle hire packages for the following:

If you have not organised your transport to the game there is no need to panic! Limo Broker takes it as their mission to get you to the game in the best vehicle there is!

contact Limo Broker today and book you and your friends a special vehicle for the most prestigious sporting event of the year!

We serve all areas of UK

Attending a Six Nations game is a great cause for celebration, arrive in style in a Limo Broker vehicle

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