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Ferrari Limo Origins

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Ferrari Limo Origins

The launch of the stretched Ferrari limousine (pictured below) in the UK was met with a little controversy in the media, and not met all together positively from Ferrari either. But often things which are worth having are also worth a little drama so even though the initial cut of a stunning Ferrari Modena 360 may cut straight to the heart of a sports car lover, as though their own child has been torn in half, the subsequent changes which the then halved Ferrari went through to become one of the most unique limousines in the world, surely made it all worth it?

With so many unique limousines being created in the UK and all over the world, from cut and stretched vehicles of all shapes and sizes - from SUVs to ambulances, from trains to aeroplanes - creating a Ferrari limousine was less about coming up with the idea and concept, and more about how to make it structurally safe and sound.

All that was needed was the chance intervention of Chris from Carbonyte UK who was able to successfully overcome the structural and safety concerns which face any vehicle conversion - especially one of this magnitude, not to mention value. As soon as that first cut was made in the original Ferrari Modena 360, Chris took delivery of the two separated halves of one of the most recognisable sports cars in the world, in December 2006.

Those two halves of the former Ferrari 360 were soon transformed into the most advanced limousine in anyone's history. And surely even the most enthusiastic Ferrari fans will have to agree that the initially devastating cutting of a perfectly good sports car was worth the shock of what seemed to be a destroying blow, to allow the Carbonyte UK team to create a stretch Ferrari limousine which is now much, much more than the sum of its parts.

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