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A special school assistant is treated to alimo ride home on her last day of work

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Goodbye Limo Treat...

Limousines are a quick, easy and relatively affordable way to make any ordinary occasion or situation into a special event because as well as looking fantastic and making a great first impression, they also offer a smooth luxurious ride and a chauffeur to answer your every need.

However, since limos are seen as a special treat, they are not used as often as they should be for people who really deserve them. However, a Lancashire primary school took advantage of the opportunity to spoil one of their assistants on her last day of work, with a special limo ride.

At Red Lane Primary School in Breightmet, school assistant Lesley McGrath has been offering support for students and teachers for 20 years and has always travelled to work by bus. Therefore, as a special treat, the parents and friends of the school organised a collection to hire a limousine to take Lesley home on her last day of work for the school.

Seeing a limousine waiting outside of the school on her last day of work would have been surprise enough, but the treat was long lasting as the gifted limo was hired to take Lesley all the way back to her home in Whitefield too. Mrs McGrath was also the guest of honour at a surprise party held by the staff and students and she will have a special meal with the staff of the school for an intimate farewell for this well loved school assistant.

The parents and fundraisers had the limousine chauffeur wait at Lesley's normal bus stop as a unique end to her last day of work. Hiring a limousine and chauffeur for such a special occasion and treat means that everyone can be sure of the quality and professionalism of the ride. A professional and dedicated chauffeur will wait for any length of time in any place to ensure the perfect treat, and a limo ride is the perfect way to show others how special they are and is a great gift for the person who has everything.

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    A special school assistant is treated to alimo ride home on her last day of work

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