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After a long ferry ride youll have a comfortable and private limousine ride to look forward to

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Guernsey Ferry Limo Transfer

When you are making the trip from Guernsey to the mainland, you may have chosen the Portsmouth ferry to get you there. If that is the case you probably also know that the journey will take you around seven hours so you will definitely need something special to look forward to at the other end.

So, you have a seven hour ferry ride stretching in front of you, what is it that you would want most after that? Probably space and time to let your feet adjust to being back on solid ground. Well what could be better than having a private, luxurious chauffeur driven limousine waiting there in Portsmouth for you when you get off of the ferry?

You may be heading across the water for a holiday or just a weekend away to catch up on some shopping or with some friends. Whatever the reason, you are probably planning to settle in a little once you arrive in Portsmouth, so you don't want to have to leave your own car at the docks over in Guernsey while you are away do you?

Therefore, why not organise for a chauffeur driven limousine at both ends of your ferry ride and book a limo ferry transfer through us. And don't worry that you are booking the start of your journey in Guernsey because even though you are in one of the furthermost points of the UK, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the same luxury limousines as those you would find in the heart of London.

But when you arrive in Portsmouth you wanted space and time remember? Well your limousine chauffeur will give you all the space and time you need to adjust to dry land and enjoy a look around Portsmouth before getting back in the limousine. This is compared to had you needed a taxi you would have had to jump straight in for fear of the taxis being claimed.

When you are ready to leave the Portsmouth docks, your limousine chauffeur will hold open the door of your limousine, which already has your bags waiting inside, and your limousine can be at your disposal for the whole trip, even bringing you back to the docks for the return trip to Guernsey.

For more information about hiring a limousine for a ferry transfer from Guernsey, contact us for Limo Broker now.

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  • We serve all areas of Guernsey

    After a long ferry ride youll have a comfortable and private limousine ride to look forward to

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