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8 Wheeler Hummer H2 Limo Hire...

Hummer limousines are known for their imposing style and dominant street presence and this is why they are so popular with passengers not only wanting to turn heads, but who want their limo ride to be remembered long after their Hummer has turned the corner. So it is not surprise that Hummer limousines are continually reinvented and made bigger and better than ever, and it is no surprise that the latest chapter in the evolution of the Hummer limousine is an 8 wheeler Hummer H2.

Well, it's no surprise until you see the 8 wheeler up close, then it takes your breath away. The newest H2 limousine is a triple axle monster of a ride and the biggest Hummer limousine in the UK. However, the 8 wheeler limousine has not just been built big, it has also been built better and is one of the most exclusive limousines ever built and can only be exclusively hired from Limo Broker.

The custom extras of the 8 wheeler Hummer limousine include champagne bars, mood light changing options, flat screen TVs and even a VIP area at the back of the limousine with two VIP lounges. The 8 wheeler is also of course a party bus limousine and so has disco floors, disco ceilings and a level 5 sound system. On the outside the new Hummer H2 has eight 22 chrome alloy wheels and Lamborghini-style scissor doors.

In silver, the new Hummer limousine appears to be just another mild mannered party bus limousine, however, once you get close to this new 8 wheeler you will see that it is much more. Not only has the entire exterior of the Hummer been adapted to extend to a new length, it has the special extras like the scissor doors and the most luxurious interior which make it a cut above anything else on the road.

For more information about hiring this exclusive new Hummer H2 limousine, contact the only place in the UK who can get you inside, Limo Broker.

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The newest H2 limousine is a triple axle monster of a ride and the biggest Hummer limousine in the UK