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Limo Bob - The man who stretched the world's longest limo...

Limo Bob, the head of Limo King Enterprises visited Limo Broker's booth at the 2005 Limo Show held in Sandown Racecourse. With many years of experience in the limousine industry, Limo Bob was proud to see a broker in the business.

Limo Bob is very well known throughout the world and the limousine industry in USA & UK. Being the owner and builder of the longest limousine in the world, it was a great to meet Bob face to face and an honour to have him visit our booth at the Limo Show 2005.

Limo Bob has come a long way to be one of the most successful businessman in the limousine industry. His father (Larry) who started the limo hire business (Hickory Hills Limousine) when Limo Bob was only 15 years old. Bob's life and business ventures weren't as easy as owning a limo hire company. In fact he struggled and fought until he finally made it! After many years of learning he is now one the most famous faces in the limousine industry!

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The man who stretched the longest limousine in the world, Limo Bob.

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