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Limo Broker Live Chat

At Limo Broker we are always trying to please our customers, going above and beyond to cater to their needs. With modern life renowned for being hectic it is often not possible to spend long periods of time on the phone to service providers, with many other items on the agenda that are more of a priority. For this reason we have integrated a Live Chat feature into our site, allowing customers to interact with our staff whilst on the move.

Live Chat has proven to be a very attractive feature for customers, allowing them to arrange transport on their own terms, obtaining quotes and information when and where they like. Our fully responsive website allows customers to view our site on mobile devices, whether that be a mobile telephone or a tablet. This is particularly accommodating to busy workers, allowing them to speak with our sales staff on their lunch break or even whilst on the train to work.

If customers are in need of a quote they can simply obtain this by a click of a button, liaising with our highly knowledgeable sales staff to arrive at a deal that best suits all parties. Live Chat can also be utilised for customers that would like to make alterations to an existing booking, speaking with a staff member and requesting these changes be made.

If you are an agent you can also make use of this service, speaking with us in regards to bookings and leaving you more time to focus on the maintenance of your vehicles.

If you wish to learn more about how our Live Chat feature can be beneficial to you then why not test it today?

We serve all areas of UK

We offer Limo Hire throughout the UK however we have more options for limos, wedding cars & party buses than any other local company in UK. Contact our UK team on 0800 410 1515 and get an instant price comparison.


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If you wish to learn more about how our Live Chat feature can be beneficial to you then why not test it today?

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