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Limo Broker teams up with Carbonyte UK for the Audi R8 Limo

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Limo Broker teams up with Carbonyte UK for the Audi R8 Limo

The UK's leading limousine hire provider, Limo Broker, has joined forces with premier designers and bespoke vehicle manufacturers, Carbonyte UK, to create the world's fastest limousine. The Audi R8 Limo will be the first of its kind to ever be created and once complete, will become the signature car for the Limo Broker brand.

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Limo Broker and Carbonyte have planning the design for the world's first Audi R8 Limo in secret for several months, only unveiling the finished plans to create this supercar at the Transport Broker Awards in January.

Since the news of the secret project broke, word has spread across the globe about the innovative Audi R8 limo, with YouTube views of the exclusive video depicting a 3D image of how the finished Audi R8 limousine will look, topping 37,000 hits within a week of being posted online. The news also came to the attention of leading American magazine, Forbes, who posted a press article about the development of the new supercar.

Limo Broker's Managing Director, Tej Randeva has been bowled over by the reaction to the Audi R8 limo as he says he's:

"Overwhelmed by the response to the Audi R8 Limo, we weren't expecting news of our project to go global in the way it has, with the likes of Forbes magazine featuring our Audi R8 limo design on their pages 30-year-old Tej added;

"The feedback we're getting on the design has been extremely positive, and it's certainly spurred us at Limo Broker, and the guys at Carbonyte UK, to make sure the finished limo is extra special and a supercar that will hold its own on the world stage.

Of course, the Audi R8 limo would remain a pipe dream, were it not for the expertise of the design team from Carbonyte UK, headed up by Chris Wright. As the creators of the world's only Ferrari Limousine, Carbonyte couldn't be better placed to make the Audi R8 limo a reality.

When Carbonyte UK was first approached by Tej at Limo Broker with a view to creating the Audi R8 Limo, Chris Wright said,

"I thought it was a crazy idea, which is why I agreed in principle to the project almost immediately! Mr Wright went onto say,

"We're always on the lookout for projects that excite and challenge us, and the Audi R8 limo definitely ticked all of those boxes - we're really looking forward to creating limousine which will knock everyone's socks off.

Due to the overwhelming response from the public and the press following the big reveal of the Audi R8 limousine, Limo Broker and Carbonyte UK have decided to bring the release date of the finished Audi R8 Limo forward to before the summer of 2012, which means that if all goes to plan, the world's only Audi R8 Stretch Limousine will be ready to take bookings for school proms and wedding in just 3-4 months time.

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