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Limo Chauffeur Memorial

The limousine chauffeur, who was killed in an accident on a Georgia Interstate where his SUV limousine rolled after trying to avoid an out of control car, has been honoured and remembered as an excellent chauffeur.

Mark Anthony Gay was driving a Ford Excursion SUV limousine when he died in an accident which also killed three of his passengers. Other chauffeurs who have worked with Gay have said that he was an excellent driver and a great person. Gay has been described as the most careful chauffeur his colleagues had ever known and one who was always conscious of his passengers' safety.

Gay's family are also establishing a memorial college fund for his 15 year old son who recently moved from Chicago to live with his father as he was a widower of five years. Gay's limo hire company operated three limousines as he had just recently added one of the popular Hummer limousines. His other chauffeurs are now doing everything they can to make sure that all business obligations are fulfilled to ensure that Gay's memory is represented with honour.

Even his customers had only positive things to say about Gay and the manager of the corporate planes at the county airport had a three year, ongoing contract with his limo hire company. All the pilots though highly of him, so much so that some have even contributed to the memorial fund for his son.

While there are many in the limo hire industry who are simply drivers, being a chauffeur is a much more involved position. Being a chauffeur is about actually caring about each and every passenger you transport and doing everything in your power to ensure that their event is smooth, stress-free and enjoyable.

In taking care of your passengers' needs as though they were your own, a chauffeur becomes respected, liked and remembered and this not only leads to support from return customers, but also from the entire industry.

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