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Limo hire in BathDoes your fiance make fun of your because you use more product in your hair than she does? Does your dad give you a bemused expression when you try to explain to him that he really does need more than one pair of shoes? Well hopefully your mates understand that a good moisturiser is the best foundation for any skin care regime, because you may want to plan an alternative stag night to celebrate your upcoming wedding.

So you've heard the term metrosexual' tossed around and it probably applies to you. You take care of your skin, get regular haircuts - not just regular buzz cuts - and you know from a mile away whether that shirt in the window will go with anything you already have in your closest. But of course you have a fiance and that's why the metro' part of that tag is so important, and your awareness about your hair, clothes and skin care is probably one of the reasons she agreed to marry you in the first place.

However, in planning your stag night, while your friends may be equally understanding about the need for a good exfoliant, certain behaviours are expected of a stag night party regardless. However, what if you want to plan a relaxing and rejuvenating stag party in Bath, where you can enjoy the relaxing hot springs and check into one of the may day spas to have you and your friends and groomsmen looking their best for the big day?

Well, that may take a little too much explaining, but luckily you can invoke the what happens on the stag night stays on the stag night' rule. To complete the ruse of a manly weekend away in Bath, organise for a black, Hummer super stretch party bus limousine to transport you and your mates.

The stage will be set for a traditional boys' weekend away as you all roll towards Bath in your Hummer limousine. Your limousine will even stay on to give you a ride to a local restaurant or pub after you have indulged in the Bath springs, and will complete your ruse by making a head turning and decidedly manly entrance when you all return home.

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