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When you finally have your baby after all of the months of waiting and planning (and of course being uncomfortable and not being able to see your toes!) your well intentioned family and friends will all come out of the woodwork to get a glimpse of the new arrival. Of course you love your friends and rellies but after having a baby you may not be up to entertaining, therefore we have a simple solution for you to take the post baby visiting into your own hands.

If you live in Dorchester, you probably have mostly local friends and family, and maybe a few in a neighbouring city or county. If you can group your friends and family by area, then getting around Dorchester to see everyone will be even easier. Yes, that's right, we're suggesting that you bundle up your newborn and take your new family out to see everyone.

Just hold on because it's not such a crazy idea when you consider that you will be riding around Dorchester in a chauffeur driven limousine. That's right, we're suggesting hiring a limousine for a few weekends after bubs arrives to show him or her off to their new family and friends. Your limousine will have plenty of room for all of the baby paraphernalia which you need to bring and your chauffeur can even help you load and unload your bags and help set up the pram when you get out, not to mention holding open the door for you too.

A limousine ride around Dorchester with a new baby means that you and your partner have a comfortable and relaxing way to see everyone and you can even grab a nap in between stops. Plus you don't have to worry about the house being clean, or you being in your PJs as these visits are carefully planned and organised to avoid that.

Bubs will also be lulled to sleep by the smooth rhythm of the limousine ride so the days you spend driving around Dorchester showing off your new bundle of joy will be, well, a joy.

For more information about hiring a limousine in Dorchester to make visiting family easier on everyone, contact Limo Broker now.

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