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A trip to the cinema is probably something which you enjoyed all the time when you were younger or when you were dating but as you get older it often seems easier to just hire a few movies from the video store, than to trek out at night to see a movie at the cinema.

However, as with most things, when you get there you remember what it is you were missing and that seeing a movie at the cinema is so much better than seeing it months later on the small screen at home. Therefore, to make this seldom cinema experience seem even more special, why not hire a limousine to get you to your favourite cinema in Leicester.

The Belle-Vue Cinema in Leicester is perfect for a special, but easy to organise night out, especially when you hire a limousine to get you there. Arriving to the cinema in Leicester in your own chauffeur driven limousine not only makes an otherwise ordinary night out something special, it also means you don't have to waste time parking or fighting the Leicester traffic to get to the Belle-Vue on time, and you also don't miss out on your chance to pick up some must-have movie nibbles, or enjoy the movie's previews either.

Plus, when the movie is finished, your limousine will be waiting right outside to pick you and your partner or group of friends up, as though you too were a star in the movie you just watched. You can then ask your chauffeur to make the quick trip down the road to Ming City where you can enjoy a post movie meal and a few glasses of wine as you discuss the movie you just saw.

The Leicester cinema is perfectly situated for a fun and simple night out with a chauffeur driven limousine as your transport and a trip to the movies and out to dinner can easily, and affordably, become your regular date night activity or an easy to organise treat for the family.

For more information about hiring a limousine in Leicester to turn a trip to the movies into a great night out, contact Limo Broker now.

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Leicester limo hire at the best prices. To make a seldom cinema experience seem even more special, why not hire a limousine to get you to your favourite cinema in Leicester

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