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Hummers in LondonWe all look on at the lives of the celebrities and stars and wonder what it would be like to live their lives, even just for a day. Well there is no better way to find out than to hire a sleek and sexy limousine to take you and your partner to stay in a luxurious hotel in the heart of Notting Hill.

Abbey Court will provide you with everything you need for an indulgent romantic getaway, while still ensuring you have privacy from all of those prying paparazzi! You may think that a Victorian townhouse nestled in the heart of Notting Hill could not get more luxurious, but you should know there is always room for a little more luxury.

And you'll find there is more than enough room, as you settle into your own private chauffeur driven limousine after it has picked you up from your door and smoothly driven through the streets of London.

As your chauffeur is handing over your bags to the concierge, you will have a chance to take in the romance in the air of Notting Hill. Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, the famous Knightsbridge shopping district, the West End theatre and the Portobello Market are all nearby if you are taken by the urge to do some indulging in the pleasure of your own city - after all, why should the tourists have all the fun?

As you step into your room at Abbey Court, you will be surrounded by antiques, fluffy bathrobes and Italian marble bathrooms, with Jacuzzi. You can even call ahead to the hotel to ensure they lay out long stemmed roses, champagne, Belgian chocolates, perfumed pillows, breakfast in bed or picnic hampers for a visit to Hyde Park, or since you are there for a romantic indulgence, all of the above.

Once you have gotten the hang of living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, you will want to savour the experience for as long as possible. Therefore, make sure you call back your chauffeur to take you home again, and while relaxing in your limousine on the ride home, you can plan your next indulgent escape!

For more information about limousines available for romantic holidays in Notting Hill, contact Limo Broker now.

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    Make your London holiday a special escape by hiring a limo to get you around town

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