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A limo ride through Preston will give you a chance to uncover the history of this important city

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Hire a Limo for a Trip Back in Time in the North-West..

Preston is a city which is rich in history and while you can find historic markers and monument sin many cities around the UK, these larger cities have since built over and around the true history of the area and the feeling is one of modern architecture taking over. However in Preston much of the historical influences, feelings and features have been maintained because while it is and was a bustling city for its size, it is still quite small in comparison to other UK cities.

This also means Preston is easy to get to and easy to get around so why not take a step back in time and discover the pioneering nature of Preston on a chauffeur driven limo ride in the country. In the middle ages Preston was a small village estate and in the 12th century it grew steadily into a town. As such much of Preston's history can be seen in the streets and buildings and if you were to drive yourself through the town on a tour you would miss much of the historic architecture, but your chauffeur will be more than happy to slow down and even go back so you can get a good look at the town.

Because of its proximity to the river and as it was also on the main road from northern to southern England, Preston saw a lot of traffic and in the 13th century it had a fair and a market which people would visit from all over Lancashire to buy and seel their goods.

Preston suffered through the plague but recovered well, only to be captured in the 1600s during the civil war. Despite these set backs, Preston thrived in its unique and prosperous position and still holds regular open air markets.

While the history of Preston is an exciting and varied one, so is the modern city today and as you ride leisurely through the town in your limousine you may be struck by the historical buildings, the sporting memorabilia, or the shopping and markets district and no matter what takes your fancy, your chauffeur will expertly point your limousine in that direction.

For more information about seeing the history of Preston from the comfort of a chauffeur driven limousine, contact Limo Broker now.

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    A limo ride through Preston will give you a chance to uncover the history of this important city

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