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Growing up, boys can be a trial - not to mention being a trial as adults too - and having one of your own can often be enough for you to consider padding the walls and getting ear plugs inserted permanently. So when your son's birthday comes around, what is it that compels you to want to invite a dozen of his friends over to add to the chaos?

Who knows, probably some sort of parenting instinct that blocks out the bad (i.e. noisy) parts when you want to do something nice for your kids, like throw them a birthday party. So while we're not suggesting you shouldn't throw your son a nice birthday party this year, we are suggesting an alternative, for which your ear drums and your sanity will thank you.

Rather than calling all of your son's friends from the corners of Watford to your home, which seems to get smaller every minute, why not hire a limousine for your son's birthday celebrations. Not only will you be the coolest parent at school, your limousine chauffeur will tour Watford, picking up each of your son's friends from their home, before taking the whole group out for burgers, bowling, paint ball or a similar, destructive, young male activity which you will be eternally grateful is not happening in your home.

Your limousine will transport the boys from each stop around Watford which you have scheduled into your party plans, and all you have to do is conduct a head count at each stop and hand out the party bags at the end of the day. Your limousine chauffeur will concentrate on driving over the noise and all of the party activities happen away from your home so you don't have to clean up mud, paint or cake for the next two months.

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