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Ambulance Limo... "The Limbulance"

Do you get to the weekend and dread another night of the same pub, the same music, the same taxis and the same drinks. Well if your Saturday night needs an emergency revival, you need to hire a Limbulance.

That's right, it's not a limo, it's not an ambulance, it's a Limbulance, ready to speed in and save your critically ill Saturday night!

You will definitely turn heads in this unusual party-mobile as it is fitted out on the outside to still look like an ambulance, but the lights, music and drinking going on on the inside, is sure to confuse passers by.

How often do you get to enjoy a ride in an ambulance? Usually you only see ambulances in the worst possible situations, but now you have the chance to enjoy the ride, be chauffeured by paramedics and have a unique night out.

The Limbulance is perfect for a hen's or stag night as it will provide an experience you are sure to remember. It would also be a thrill for your kids to hire the Limbulance for their birthday party as they are unlikely to have seen an ambulance up close before.

The Limbulance can seat up to eight party goers and also includes all of the extras you would expect from a limousine. It has fibre optic lights, disco lighting, laser lights, full sound system, mirrored walls, champagne bar, bubble machine and smoke machine.

So for a unique and memorable limousine experience, why not consider the Limbulance with its heart stopping, head turning emergency abilities for your next big night out.

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