Petrol Prices Raises Limo Hire Prices

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Petrol Prices Raise Limousine Hire Prices...

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This page has been added to let our readers know why limousine hire premiums have raised over the years.

Firstly, running a limousine business isn't easy. The costs are very high. There's insurance premiums, driver costs, regular maintenance, valeting costs and the main and most expensive cost... the petrol prices!

Petrol prices are increasing every year and this is not helping limo companies. In fact there are a lot of new operators starting new businesses and shutting down before they know it. We have been informed that this is caused mainly due to high petrol prices.

Pictured on the right is the 4x4 ford excursion limo (black) and the Hummer H2 limousine (white) These limos are both based in West Midlands and run on petrol. The cost of a full tank is approx. �120.00 Now, that will give you around 300 miles. This depends on the type of limo, engine size etc. Now looking at the cost of the fuel you can see why petrol prices raise limousine hire prices for customers.

The petrol prices will always be bad news but the good news is LPG. This is the only way out of this problem. But how long will that last before the demand gets higher and the prices go up again?

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