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No one ever intends to get divorced as everyone wants to be able to live the fairy tale love story of a happily ever after marriage. However, unfortunately, many people do get divorced and for some it can be a long, messy, nasty and stressful process and at the end of it all, they can be forgiven for wanting to have a big celebration.

Therefore, many people plan and throw divorce parties, not necessarily to celebrate the end of their marriage, but to celebrate the end of trekking to court, arguing with an ex-partner and dealing with lawyers dividing your possessions.

So, if you or someone you know are in the position to throw a divorce party and need to celebrate and move on, hire a limo for the party to ensure everyone has a great time. For example, if you and your ex lived in York, you were probably staying in a hotel in York to be close to the divorce proceedings.

However, now that the divorce is final and finished, you are planning to move to Brighton to start fresh. Therefore, as you pick up your friends in Wakefield and Halifax on the way to pub, you are not only celebrating the end of your divorce, you are also having a going away party before you move to Brighton.

After you have picked up all of your friends, you probably want to leave York completely behind you, so you may have chosen a pub or club in Blackburn to avoid your ex and all of his friends and family. You can easily choose a limo which fits all of your friends and you won't lose any time travelling to Blackburn as you can use the time in the limo to have a few drinks and catch up with everyone.

So, for more information about hiring a limo to take you and your friends to a special celebration away from your old life in York, contact Limo Broker now.

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After finalising your divorce you want to start fresh so plan a divorce party hire a fancy limo and have a great time with your friends

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