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limousines and hire cars are used for a variety of reasons and limo hire companies rely on numerous markets for their customers and profits. There are however, some hire car companies here in Birmingham and across the US, which have identified the lucrative airport transfer market and are doing everything they can to cash in on it.

The issue is particularly prevalent for the Portland hire car industry. Almost ten years ago, town cars and luxury executive cars for hire began focusing their attention on the business and customers using cabs to take them to and from the airport. However, in their haste to cash in on the airport transfers, they began taking the business away from the taxis in the area, and in doing so, crossing the line between luxury hire car and taxi cab.

The taxi companies feel the infringement on their customer market is unfair as the luxury hire cars are offering a ride in a luxury car for around the same price as a ride in an ordinary taxi. The taxi companies are also by nature on call 24 hours a day and must have an office and dispatchers. The luxury car companies can do without this and are therefore able to undercut or challenge the taxis for business.

The luxury car companies get their business on site, as well as having agreements with hotels and permanent service contracts for their guests. The city rules state that the luxury town cars must have their services reserved before hand. Several years ago the city council also introduced the requirement of a flat fee for an airport transfer in a luxury town car of $50. This was to help recreate the divide between the luxury cars and the taxis who only charge around $25 - $30 for a trip to or from the airport and would therefore attract the price conscious travellers.

This regulated fee is hard to enforce and no one can be sure if the luxury town cars' drivers are charging the required $50, and of course the passengers aren't going to complain they're being undercharged are they?

The Private-for-Hire Transportation Review Board is working on ways to enforce the higher fee, as well as introducing executive luxury car permits and requiring luxury car hire companies to have a street address and land line phone.

The fares and business of the taxi companies are so tightly regulated by the city councils they operate within that it is unfair for their business to be taken away by luxury limo hire companies whose industry is not as strictly tested and regulated.

However, with the move towards regular testing and consistent licensing across the limo hire industry, should passengers have the right to choose between a taxi or a luxury car for the same price but better service?

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Limo hire Birmingham. With limos providing better service and quality, it is no surprise taxi companies are losing business to Birmingham limo hire companies.

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