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Hire a Mercedes 600 Grosse Pullman

As you are well aware, at Limo Broker we are very passionate about staying ahead of the times, adding to our fleet of modern cars on a constant basis.

Although stocking the latest Ferraris and Lamborghini's for hire it is safe to say that our passion has always been with the cars of the past.

Vintage collective items are truly our forte, hiring out a beautiful collection of Classic cars. From Bentley's and Jaguars to Mercedes and Rolls Royce', our collection consists of the most exclusive wedding cars of our time.

Popular vintage car hire options are the Branford Elite and the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, cars that have lorded the wedding car industry for many years.

Their traditional qualities make for a perfect wedding car choice for a diversity of weddings.Whether opting for a traditional or modern wedding celebration all weddings require a strand of luxury.

What better way to implement this than through an extravagant wedding vehicle?

At Limo Broker we have recently added the Mercedes 600 Grosser Pullman to our vintage catalogue, a car synonymous with allure and desire.


With older cars there is always a worry that they will appear old, a little worn out and overused. At Limo Broker we inspect each and every car that comes on board. Due to this procedure we can guarantee that all of our vintage and classic cars are fastidiously maintained, enthusing in their own classic beauty.

Another worry is that cars will either break down or not get the Bride or Groom to the venue on time.Have confidence in the thought that our vintage wedding cars are constantly being monitored, with the mechanical upkeep being very important to us.

Our chauffeurs are proactive in ensuring punctuality, carrying out practice journeys prior to the picking up of the passenger/s.

Over the years we at Limo Broker have blossomed into the UK's most trusted wedding car provider in the UK, renowned for providing beautiful wedding cars at affordable prices.

With the introduction of the Mercedes Pullman we have verified our ability to give the Brides andGrooms of the country the best wedding car options that the world has ever seen.

If you are looking to hire a Mercedes Pullman for your wedding day then contact us today for a free quote, you will be pleasantly surprised by the rate.

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