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We are often so busy running around after everyone else that we forget to look after ourselves. We give special thought to our family's birthday presents and make time to take them to their sporting games and ballet lessons but sometimes we also need to make time to spoil ourselves.

Therefore why not escape to the country for a day at the spa and indulge all of your luxurious fantasies and revive your body and mind, ready for another onslaught from life.

Book yourself and a friend, or your partner, into the Alexander House Utopia Spa in Sussex. While a drive into the country is relaxing in itself, someone usually has to do the driving. To allow you both to relax and enjoy the Sussex countryside, hire a limousine to take you from your front door out to the spa and back again. This will create the ultimate relaxing and indulgent atmosphere and state of mind.

As soon as you arrive at the Utopia Spa you will begin to relax. As you pass through the entrance to the spa, which is a Gothic corridor of marble and granite coupled with the sound of trickling water, you will be amazed at the beauty and splendour of the Utopia Spa.

The atmosphere in the spa is relaxing and friendly with separate areas for active treatments and for finding tranquillity. The Utopia Spa is all about water and relaxation and this is reflected in the pools with stone columns and domed ceilings.

There are three pools to choose from, each offering a unique water treatment. Away from the pools you can experience the changing suites, each with a steam room, sauna and moon shower. Or you can choose to use a two person treatment suite, or book in for a pedicure, manicure and hair styling.

The Utopia Spa also has a relaxation room which opens onto a veranda and invites you down a grand staircase into the tranquil Spa Garden. In the garden you will find lounges where you can rest after enjoying the bubbles of the hot spa pool.

If you would like to linger even longer in this beautiful Sussex spa, you can also book into the Alexander House Country House and make your escape last that little bit longer.

Whenever you decide to head for home, make sure that you call your chauffeur to take you back. You want to make your indulgent and relaxing escape last as long as possible.

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