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Asian Wedding Traditions...

When planning your wedding, you and your partner may have decided to have a destination wedding, or an elopement to avoid the stress and worry of planning a full blown wedding. If this is the case, you may both like to observe the traditions of your surrogate wedding venue.

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Asia is a culturally diverse and unique country and each culture has its own wedding traditions.

JAPANESE weddings:

In Japan, purple is the colour of love, and a bride may wear a purple kimono embroidered with purple flowers. Japanese weddings are either Shinto or Buddhist. In a Shinto ceremony, the natural spirits - the kami - are called upon to bless the couple. In a Buddhist ceremony, two strings of beads are interwoven to symbolise the joining of two families. Traditionally served at Japanese weddings is the fish tai, which is a sea bream and is the traditional fish of happiness.


In the Chinese culture, a whole roast pig was given to the bride's family from the groom's family as an engagement present.

Chinese brides traditionally wear bright red which represents luck for the couple. The groom traditionally wears a black silk coat over a robe embroidered with a dragon. There will also be loud firecrackers to ward off evil spirits.

The food served at Chinese weddings is chosen by the way its name sounds. The Chinese word for apple is similar to the phrase "go safely", fat choy sounds like the expression "be prosperous", and liem sun represents the hope for many sons.


An Indonesian wedding is likely to have over 1,000 guests, all of which the bride and groom must greet in a receiving line before the start of the reception.


Before a Korean wedding, a fortune teller will look into the future of the bride and groom to see if they will have a happy life together. Korean weddings also serve Kuk soo, which are noodles, and symbolise a long life.


An ancient Filipino tradition called for the groom to throw a spear into the front of his bride's home. This sent the message that the girl was spoken for. Before many Filipino weddings became Catholic, they lasted three days, with the bride and groom joining hands on the third day and declaring their love three times.


In Hindu cultures, it is considered bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other for several days before their wedding ceremony. Also, as part of the wedding ceremony, the bride's parents wash the couple's feet with milk and water which represents their purification for their journey into their new life.

As you can see, many Asian wedding traditions stem from the desire to ensure a safe and happy journey for the new couple in their new life together.

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When planning your wedding, you and your partner may have decided to have a destination wedding, or an elopement to avoid the stress and worry of planning a full blown wedding.

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