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Hiring a limo can make you feel like a real high roller. You will get picked up from your doorstep, the chauffeur will hold open the door for you and help your partner into the limo if she needs it too.

You will then be able to stretch out and relax in the luxurious seats of the limo which have been included on the basis of their comfort and style. You can choose a drink from the bar and you and your special girl will feel like royalty.

Many limos have more advanced sound systems than any lounge room in the UK, with CD player, 6-9 speakers and often even an MP3 player. Many limo hire companies will also let you bring along your own CDs too.

Gliding through the streets you will be able to savour the admiring looks from the people you pass, you can even roll down the window and give them a wave or open the sunroof and dispel all of their fantasies about you being a celebrity.

While you are driving around feeling like a high roller, you may want to stop in at the casino for a punt and what better way to arrive at the venue at the height of sophistication, than in your own chauffeur driven limo.

While trying your luck at the tables in the casino you won't be able to help yourself bragging to your mates and everyone you meet that you have your own limo and chauffeur waiting outside for you. Unfortunately the limo won't improve your luck at the tables, that's still up to you.

So if you o come out a winner and are suddenly everyone's best friend, you will have your limo waiting outside to fit with your new high roller status and take all your new friends for a cruise.

But, if you come out of the casino lighter of pocket than when you went in, the limo will still be waiting for you and you won't have to worry about paying for a taxi to get you home, the limo is already paid for.

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