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Romantic Escape to Glasgow...

We often flip through designer magazines and wonder how we can get our home to look as magnificent and stylish as the ones showcased between the glossy covers. However, being mere mortals, we generally have to save up for additions, renovations and new furniture so for an instant experience of the glamour and class you usually only see in magazines, contact Limo Broker to get your glamorous and classy escape on the road.

Before you choose your glamorous hotel, you have to make sure you can get there in the style befitting the occasion. Therefore, contact Limo Broker now to find you the perfect limousine for an escape into the countryside in an area you have yet to explore.

For example, Glasgow is just far enough away from everywhere to be the perfect escape, but not too far away that you have to get your passport renewed. Glasgow is an area rich in culture and history so it is no surprise that you will find the Hotel du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens, nestled in Glasgow's fashionable West End.

Glasgow is not an area to be left behind either and melded seamlessly with the Victorian townhouses, such as the Hotel du Vin, is the modern and progressive heartbeat of one of the most stylish suburbs in the UK.

Hotel du Vin has classical high ceilings and oak panelling, coupled with grand staircases and stained glass windows so that the moment you capture a view of the hotel from the window of your limousine as it makes its way up the tree lined terrace, you know it is going to be so much better than a designer magazine because it's real and you're there to experience all of the glamour and class on offer.

The modern French style bistro and the more than 500 wines on the wine list allow for ample indulgence of the senses during your escape. You can also choose to explore the architectural saturation of the West End of Glasgow or you can simply make the most of the recently rejuvenated suites which house four poster king sized beds, sitting rooms, multimedia systems, Jacuzzi and full bar.

However you choose to enjoy your stay in the classy yet historical Hotel du Vin, make sure you don't forget to call back your chauffeur and limousine to take you home in the same class and style.

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