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Mercedes-Benz are regarded world wide for their luxurious cars and inspired comfort and ride enhancing features. The new Maybach limousine is no exception.

The Maybach limousine has the option of 24 carat gold interior fittings, matching gold painted rims, over two million equipment choices, Bluetooth options for business, High Guard Protection as well as the ability to add almost anything that the individual customer can think of or possibly want.

With Mercedes-Benz developing a Maybach for every possible use, from vehicles for use by luxury hotels to those used by business professionals as well as many customised models being created, Maybach limousines are becoming more and more unique among the Mercedes-Benz brand as well as the limousine market.

For example, the limousines developed for hotels have individual compartments in the rear which can be used for hot towels to refresh guests arriving at the hotel. Also, there is a telephone in the centre console in the rear of the car, internet access, printer, laptop points, as well as fold out tables attached to the back of the front seats instead of TV monitors, for business use.

As with all luxury cars, there is a high emphasis on comfort and the new Maybach limousine has double sewn seams in the leather seating and deep pile lambskin carpet inside. Another option for the passengers is to make use of the limousine's compass which can be programmed to point to the standard points of a compass, the direction of the destination or even the direction of their origin if the passenger is in a foreign country.

Part of the requirements for the Maybach's High Protection standards is displayed in the glass partition which can be changed from transparent to opaque at the flick of a switch and also protects from an outside attack.

With its long wheelbase, the new Maybach 62 is 6.17 metres long and also has the option of a sunroof either in the front or rear of the car. The Maybach is powered by a 612bhp twin-turbo V12 engine but is almost silent, even when reaching its top speed which sets it apart as one of the sportiest luxury cars around.

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