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Rolls Royce Hire

Where there are people willing to pay for them, there will always be newer, faster, quieter and more luxurious models of limousines developed. We have added this article to help you find information about the Rolls Royce 101EX limousine. If you are looking to hire the new Rolls Royce Phantom, please click here.

One such example is the new Rolls Royce limousine, the 101EX. The 101EX is good looking, stylish and modern while still retaining that famous British charm.

A lot of love, care and effort has gone into creating the perfect car, as with all of the Rolls-Royce's built. For example, the aluminium bonnet is milled from a single ingot and is brushed by the craftsmen for almost a month to ensure it is thread-perfect. The windscreen surround is also milled from a solid 2.5 tonne block of aluminium alloy and perfectly announces the sleek body of the new Rolls. The brushed alloy perfectly compliments the black exterior, making the car one of the classiest two toned limousines.

The traditional care and attention to detail is not compromised in the new Rolls-Royce limousine. You will find the modern interior still maintains a mark of distinction in its creamy calf-skin leather seats and mahogany and brushed metal finish. One of the most flattering and comforting lighting effects is that created by fairy lights and this is reflected by the inclusion of hundreds of fibre-optic lights embedded into the lining of the roof.

The focus of the new Rolls-Royce leans towards the luxurious and indulgent, rather than the inclusion of every item of technological advancement available, demonstrated in the addition of a concealed boot compartment rather than a disco sized sound system.

The EX models were born out of Rolls Royce's Experimental Department which was initially created to test the buying public's reaction to new body shapes for the vehicles, which lead to the creation of cars which bring the racing fantasies of luxury car drivers to life.

The new EX is 7 feet wide and almost 12 feet long and runs on a 6.75-litre V12 engine which can go from 0-60mph in under six seconds.

Rolls-Royce have a long history of beautiful craftsmanship and stylish design. Their production is based on quality over quantity and you will understand the difference this makes as soon as you see a Rolls Royce and slide into the passenger seat for your special day. For more information about the Rolls Royce limousines available for hire in the UK, contact us now and arrive in true style.

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