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Pre Wedding Roles and Preparations

Pre Wedding Roles & Preparations...

weddings can be a crazy and chaotic time. It's important for everyone to know their pre wedding roles which will take a lot of weight off your head to do what you need to do.

To help you get a guideline of the things and preperations all the deligated people need to do, we have listed below details of who does what so that everything can be done before the wedding day. Please take a few minutes to read through the information below and print the page if necessary.


The bride will decide on a date, time and the formality of the wedding. She will book the reception venue, book the photographer, choose her attendants, choose wedding stationery with the help of her mother, choose the cake, choose the wedding dress and accessories, choose a florist, choose a going away outfit, decides on the dress of her attendants, prepare the bridal registry, write thankyou notes for gifts received and organise rehearsals.


The groom will choose the engagement and wedding rings with his bride, organise clothes for himself and his groomsmen, research the legal aspects of the wedding, choose his best man, groomsmen and ushers. He will also make all the arrangements for the honeymoon, check travel documents, arrange for transport to the church and reception, arrange corsages for both mothers, arrange buttonholes for groomsmen and ushers and buy gifts for attendants.


The bride's mother will compile the guest list, order the wedding stationery with her daughter, send out the invitations, mark the replies, send cake to those unable to attend the wedding and arrange cleaning of the bridal gown after the wedding. The bride's father accompanies the bride to the church and gives her away.


The best man organises the stag night, instructs ushers, is responsible for the wedding rings, is responsible for the groom arriving on time, ensures all guests have transport to the reception, ensures there is somewhere for the bride and groom to change are the wedding reception, organises cleaning or return of the groom's outfit and organises transport for the bride and groom from the reception.


The chief bridesmaid helps the bride get dressed before the wedding, arranges for the bride's going away outfit to be taken to the reception, carries the bride's tissues, spare stockings and makeup, looks after young attendants and looks after the bride's dress until she can give it to the mother of the bride.

This list is simply a guide to the pre wedding preparations needed before your big day, you may like to compile your own list of what needs to be done and delegate to a wider range of family and friends to get them involved too

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