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Hillman 16 De Luxe Limousine

Hillman 16 De Luxe Limousine

While many of us would never consider even looking to buy a seventy year old car, there are many models which have stood the test of time and are often worth more now than when they were first built.

The Hillman limousines are in this category of sought after luxury cars. The Hillman Motor Car Company took off when William Hillman was joined in his Coventry car factory by French engineer Louis Coatalen. The Hillman-Coatalen luxury car was produced from 1907 to 1909.

In 1909 Coatalen moved on and the Hillman cars were toned down, earning Hillman a respected reputation into the 1920s. However, it was the Minx launched in 1932 which sent Hillman sales soaring.

The Hillman Sixteen De Luxe limousine was created in 1934 - 1935 and had a six cylinder motor. Hillman luxury cars were created with such care that they were famously referred to as being 'built with a margin throughout'. This means that there was extra safety, comfort, reliability, space, performance and style, making the Hillman limousines a cut above the other luxury cars and limousines on the market at the time. The 'margin throughout' simply referred to the fact that when you bought or rode in a Hillman limousine, you got bonus value.

The Hillman Sixteen limousine was a unique six cylinder car as while they were large, spacious and roomy inside, they also handled well. The Hillman limousine was a seven seater and while it gave the impression of speed, power and strength from the outside, the inside was upholstered in fine finishes, fitted out with wide seats, provided ample legroom and headroom and despite being a six cylinder, the limousine still provided an almost silent ride for its passengers.

The Hillman limousines also utilised a draught-less ventilation system and an insulated body, coined by Hillman as 'Cushioned Power', combined they provided a smooth and silent ride, just the way a limousine should be.

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