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Many people think that limos are only hired by Stag and Hen group parties but they are so wrong. People also assume that limos all look similar and they are all stretched. Again, this is not correct!

When you tell someone that we are about to hire a limo, they assume that a stretch limousine will arrive. Limos can be anything from a Mercedes S-Class (LWB) to a Jaguar limo to the 40ft Hummer limos (pictured on the right).

Yes, it's true that most limos are known to be stretched but it doesn't just end there. It all depends on the occasion or the event. For example, corporate limousine hire might mean that they require a chauffeur driven executive limo which would be a Mercedes S Class, a stylish Maybach or even a Bentley. Where as weddings would require both an executive or classic car and a stretch limousine for the bridesmaids. All these will be phrased limos, and this is where people get confused between limos and chauffeur driven executive cars.

No matter what the occasion, hiring a limousine makes a massive difference. It can put a smile on anyone's face. They come in lots of different colours such as white, silver, grey, black, pink, purple, yellow, blue, orange and many more

A few years ago there were very few stretch limos in the UK but now you can find over 30 different models crawling the streets of cities such as London, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol & Glasgow. These are some of the most popular areas for limousine hire in the UK.

Here at Limo Broker we have access to over 500 limousines which consist of Lincoln Towncars, Hummer H2 & H3's, Navigator, Ford Excursion, Chrysler (pictured on the left), pink limos and may more...

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