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When choosing a limousine to hire, you want to make sure it is the right style for your function, fits your budget and is of a high quality. While most limo hire companies can offer the basics of a white or black limo that doesn't have scratches or torn upholstery, you will still need to view the limo, before you sign the contract, to check the little details.

Customer service is an important thing to consider. How were you treated when you rang up for a quote? How quickly did the company get back to your email request? And also, do they pride themselves on the manners, reliability and patience of their drivers? A wedding day is stressful enough without having to worry about where your limo is and why the driver is upset that you interrupted his smoko.

When comparing quotes, make sure you look at the quality of the limo itself and what you get included in the package. If one company is severely cheaper than all of the others, there are probably less 'frills'. Also make sure everything is included in your quote, as well as an estimate of the cost if your booking runs late.

Find out about the limo hire company's experience and the types of work they usually do. Also, find out what other work they will be doing on the day you have booked - you don't want your limo to be late for your function because it was held up at the airport with its previous client. Also find out if the limo will be exclusively yours on the day, as it may be booked to drop you off at the church, pick up and drop off another client and return to the church to take you to your wedding reception. This is obviously only a problem if things don't run to schedule and it is up to you whether you take that risk.

Make sure you get a written contract with the limo you have requested, your names and the date and times of your event on it. This is for your security if for some reason the company cancels or you cancel, you will know your financial obligations and rights.

So whichever colour size or style of limo you choose for your next special event, make sure it is exactly what you want, as you will have only yourself to blame if you don't check it out properly. To view the range and features of the Limo Broker limos, including pink limos, please contact us.

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