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Lexus Limousine

Lexus Limousine

Lexus have long been creating luxury cars with all of the style and safety features you could ever imagine. Now, ready for release at the British International Motor Show in July is the Lexus LS460L limousine.

The LS460L is a long wheelbase model, almost 203 inches long, earning it the label of limo for its style and comfort factors.

The new Lexus goes on sale in November and is recognised as outclassing many luxury cars already on the market. The Lexus also has advanced safety features, not only for passenger conservation, but advanced crash prevention systems, the first to operate from the back of the car.

With an all new 4.6 litre V8 engine, the Lexus will be able to make the most of all eight speeds of its automatic transmission, a world first. The engine also has dual injection technology to help achieve competitive fuel economy despite the engine size.

The navigation system in the new Lexus limo broadcasts live traffic updates for the driver. There is also a Mark Levinson surround sound system with 19 speakers and a hard disk audio server that can hold 4,000 songs. You also have the option of a rear seat ottoman package, which includes rear passenger reclining seat, adjustable leg rest and massager and personal DVD player and cooler.

Catering for the driver the limo has an almost automatic parking system and a power parking brake with hill holder or stop light anti-roll back option.

With the extra space, style, comfort and more speakers than you could ever possibly need, the new Lexus LS460L certainly deserves the title of limousine. For more information about the International Motor Show on later this month, check out the article on this site.

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