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If you are a private eye you know that your successful investigations depend on you being invisible when it suits you. While limousines aren't typically an inconspicuous vehicle, there are many standard long wheelbase sedan limousines which look like ordinary cars but have extra space, a chauffeur to let you look around and the advantage of looking different to any other car you may have already used in your investigation.

While chauffeurs are not typically trained in extensive defensive driving and may not be too useful in a high speed chase, hiring a limousine for some initial scouting work is an advantage for the forward thinking private investigator. If you need to research an area or a person and you need to spend a lot of time watching, observing, learning and waiting, a limousine is the perfect accessory.

By hiring a limousine, you are free to look closely at the person or operations you are investigating, while not being seen. Not only are the windows of the limousine darkly tinted so all anyone will see is the chauffeur, you can hire different limousines each day you need to visit so you can stay unnoticed.

If you were driving yourself you would likely miss important movements while you were driving or looking for somewhere inconspicuous to park. However, by hiring a limousine and chauffeur you can simply sit back and take in everything which may be important. You can even take notes or photos from the back of the limousine and you don't have to worry about writing or snapping while trying to keep the steering wheel straight, or not be noticed.

The limousine is also the perfect safe place to store your notes, cameras and other equipment if you have to rush off on foot as your chauffeur will stay with the limousine and your private investigator tools.

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