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When hiring a limo for your wedding, prom or business meeting, you need to be able to rely on it to be there when you need it and be ready to leave when you are too.

Therefore, there are a few parts of the limo hire contract you are signing you should look closely at and decide if you are happy with them.

For example, can you complain if the service was not up to your standards? Some limo hire companies will include a clause stating that they will endeavour to provide the service to the customer's satisfaction wherever possible. Is this good enough for you or do you want a refund is you are unhappy?

Also, almost across the board is the statement that the limo hire company is not responsible for being held up in traffic delays or failure to provide service due to the effects of mother nature. While limos are often dispatched several hours before they are needed, check how much time is allowed for them to pick you up and be prepared for �acts of God'.

Most reputable limo hire companies will not cancel your booking on you, especially if it has been made many months in advance. Therefore the limo hire companies expect the same courtesy.

If a limo is scheduled to pick you up before 9am, it is dispatched before 9pm the night before. The rest of the time, limos are dispatched 4-6 hours before the scheduled pickup time.

If you are cancelling an airport pickup, the limo hire company may not charge you if you cancel before dispatch. If they have already left however, you may have to foot the whole bill or a cancellation fee. Also, if you are not at the designated pickup point when the driver arrives you may again have to pay the full price, so make sure you have an all hour's number for the limo hire company if you have to leave the pickup point for any reason.

However, read your contract carefully as many limo hire companies will have a note about chartered services such as weddings where the limo is required all day for church to reception to airport transport for example. In this case they may require notice of a week for cancellations. Then if you do have to cancel, you may have to pay the whole fare as well as a percentage on top as gratuity, while also not receiving your deposit back.

While limo hire companies are there to serve you best on your special day, they also need to protect themselves as it is a business very much in demand, so make sure you read your contract carefully.

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