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Donnington Racing Team Building

In this age of email messaging and ever increasing technological communications, it is no surprise that more and more UK companies are seeing the value in scheduling team building exercises and weekends away for their staff.

The type of company and employees you manage will determine the type of exercise you send your team on. For example, all little boys dream of being race car drivers when they grow up, so why not book your team building in with Team Spirit Racing at Donington Park. Team Spirit Racing will work you staff hard for three days while they are staying on site. It might therefore be a good idea to employ the services of a limo or luxury car hire company for your staff who will be pumped up on adrenalin but in no state to drive themselves anywhere. Therefore a chauffeur driven limousine can take the team out for a celebratory drink and make sure they arrive back safely.

Team Spirit Racing offers nine members of your team the opportunity to be part of a real racing team supporting a driver on a championship race weekend. This type of challenge will get your employee's heart racing and mind pumping as they are forced to make split second decisions which will decide the outcome of their driver's race.

The weekend starts early with a briefing and an outline of the tasks required such as scrutineering, changing wheels and refuelling. Each member has a specific role in the team and the practice laps begin on the afternoon of the first day. The second day is qualifying and the pressure is increased on the team to work harder, faster and more accurately.

The third day is race day, which is televised live on Sky and your team can invite friends, family and even clients to watch the race and the team's performance. The season of races goes on long after your team is back in the office. This is why each team which works on race weekends can follow their racer's progress on the Team Spirit website for the rest of the season.

After being around these high octane racing cars for three days your staff may have some racing desires of their own. This is when you will be once again glad that you hired them a limousine to take them home again to ensure no one takes their newly found racing spirit back onto public roads.

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