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While many limos and limo hire companies are well known for their appearances at wedding, proms and business luncheons, not all limos have to be decadent, slick, eight seater beasts. Many limo hire companies can offer limos which seat four to six people and appear to be an ordinary car until you step inside, while the chauffeur holds the door for you of course.

These kinds of limousines are simply not the commonly seen 'stretch' limos we hire for larger functions and parties. These are often ordinary luxury cars built with a longer wheel base for more passenger leg room and more creature comforts.

A long wheel base luxury car - or a limo - can be hired out on a regular basis for almost the same price as a taxi, but with much better service. If you have an elderly parent who needs transportation or have a friend who is unable or unwilling to drive themselves, why not suggest that they hire a limo for their next appointment.

Many limo hire companies will also offer you an ongoing discount for regular hire customers, this means you will even be able to request the same limo and the same chauffer each time you book. Your mother may have a dentist appointment in town and she doesn't want to be late. If she hires a limo to pick her up and take her there, it can wait until she is finished and take her straight home if she is still a little woozy from the pain killers.

Or do your parents avoid family get togethers because they don't like battling Sunday traffic and hate locating places they rarely go to? If they were to hire a limo for the day they could have their parcels loaded into the limo by the chauffer and they can arrive to the picnic in style and comfort. When they are ready to go home, it will be waiting for them then too.

Maybe your sister has recently had a car accident and she doesn't feel comfortable negotiating the city streets in her own car to do the Christmas shopping. By hiring a limo, she can be picked up from her house and driven in comfort to the city where she can get all of her shopping done, have a cuppa and not have to worry about when the next bus is coming or where the taxi rank is. When she is ready to go home, the chauffer will be able to help her load all of her new purchases into the limo and take her straight to her door.

Hiring a limo is the smart option when you want a fast, clean, secure transport solution, with service to make your day just that little bit easier.

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