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You may live in the heart of London and have realised that you have never really seen what your city has to offer as you've been busy with work, taking the kids to school and battling with peak hour traffic. Hummer Limo Hire London

So why not be a tourist in your own city and hire you and your partner or your whole family a limo for the day to see the sights that hundred of thousands of tourists see every year, making London the most visited city in the world.

There are many benefits of having limousine hire in London. One of the main ones being, comfort and the other having class. Depending on what type of limousine you choose to hire, you can all the benefits and extras.

Chrysler Limousine Hire LondonWhen people think of a limo, they tend to imagine a stretch limo. There are many types of limos in the world. There's the Mercedes S-Class, a classy Rolls Royce Phantom (LWB), Bentely, Jaguar S Type and many more chauffeur driven vehicles.

You may have hired a limo to take you to the theatre but have you ever visited Her Majesty's Theatre during the day and marvelled at the beautiful architecture inside and out.

The current theatre is actually the fourth to occupy the site and was first opened in 1897. And of course you can go and see a show in one of the theatre's 1,210 seats. The theatre also changes its name from His Majesty's Theatre to Her Majesty's Theatre, depending on who is occupying the British throne at the time.

Westminster Abbey may also be a place you feel you know all about because it is part of your country's history but have you ever actually been there? Pulling up in your own chauffeur driven limousine would be a fitting way to visit the Abbey as it is the burial place of many kings and queens, the venue for coronations and royal events and includes a gallery of world famous sculptures. The Abbey was founded on a Christian Monastery and remains a symbol of Christian faith and a place of worship.

The Bridge of Sighs in Oxford was built in 1913 and is named after the bridge of the same name in Venice, which is so named because prisoners were escorted across the bridge on their way to prison and they sighed their regret that this would be the last time they would see the sky.

The Oxford Bridge of Sighs was actually modelled on the Rialto Bridge, also in Venice. The Bridge of Sighs links two buildings which are part of Hertford College.

The bridge is said to have been one of Queen Victoria's favourite places in Cambridge as she used to stand on the bridge and watch the boats go underneath.

So to retrace the royal footsteps of the people who most shaped our nation, enlist the help of Limo Broker to find you the perfect limo in London to take you around our historic streets in comfort and style.

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